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High Class Escort Photos Mallorca

Photo shoot on Mallorca

Ina, Romy and Sabrina had a new photo shoot. How do you like the results? Wouldn't you like to go on vacation with one of the ladies? Or all three of them?
All three ladies got on so well that they would like to go on dates together in the near future. 
That's why we're offering you a 10% discount from 25.5-25.6 on exactly these three muses.

High Class Escort Ina | VIP Escort Romy | Model Escort Sabrina

High Class Escort Zurich - Victoria

Back in Zurich!

High Class Escort Lady Victoriais back in Zurich. After an exciting time in Bali, she is now looking forward to more beautiful dates with perhaps you. 
Just get to know our sexy globetrotter High Class Lady Victoria personally. You certainly have a lot to tell each other and of course much more than that...

Escort Model Victoria | High Class Escort Zurich

High Class Escort Ladies im Fruehling

Dear Gentleman,

now that spring is coming and everyone is drawn out into nature, we have a few good reasons to do the exact opposite from time to time: Why not let one of our seductive ladies pull you into bed?
For example, our high-class muse Brittany, or the sweet escort seduction Tatiana or you can take a look at the long legs of escort lady Annabelle. If all this leaves you cold, then we can offer you something even hotter: Escort model Desiree resides in Dubai.

The Escort Avantgarde - something more than high class escort

more than high class escort

Something more than high class escort.

There are more agencies for high class escort services than girls on the Copacabana. So what makes The Escort Avantgarde different from other high class escort agencies?

The answer lies in our principle of offering "the perfect match for a select few". In other words, not a high class service based on quantity, but on quality.

The Escort Avantgarde - something more than high class escort


Berlin, Hamburg, Prague

24Years 163cm 53kg 80B/Nature
High Service Classic Rate

Singapore 28.5-2.06 

Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf

30Years 169cm 72kg 75C/D
High Service Classic Rate

New Photos | Introducing Escort
High Class Escort Prag, Dresden, Berlin - Rachel.webp


33Years 176cm 64kg 80DD/Nature
Full Service Classic Rate

Prague 27.05-10.06
High Class Escort Stuttgart Muenchen Zuerich Sabrina.webp

Stuttgart, Munich, Zurich

24Years 169cm 54kg 75C/Nature
Very Full Service Classic Rate

New Photos & Video

Zurich, Basel, Bern

28Years 160cm 44kg 75B/Natur
Very Full Service Classic Rate

Budapest/Vienna until 30.05.
Vip Escort Duesseldorf Koeln Frankfurt Ina.webp

Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt

28Years 163cm 56kg 70D
Full Service Premium Rate

New Photos & Video

Munich, Berlin

35Years 169cm 48kg 65D
Full Service Premium Rate

Berlin 22.05.-01.06. | New Private Pics

Zurich, Luzern, Zug

34Years 165cm 48kg 75C
Full Service Premium Rate

New Photos

Vienna, Zurich

30Years 171cm 53kg 75D
Full Service Classic Rate

New Photos & Videos


26Years 172cm 63kg 80D/Nature
Very Full Service Classic Rate

New Photos & Video

Vienna, Munich, Stuttgart

22Years 175cm 56kg 75B
High Service Premium Rate


Munich, Stuttgart

30Years 175cm 58kg 85B/Natur
Very High Service Premium Rate



28Jahre 170cm 58kg
High Service Premium Rate


Prague, Berlin, Dresden

27Years 173cm 50kg 70B/Nature
High Service Classic Rate


Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt

32Years 171cm 58kg 75A/Nature
High Service Classic Rate

New Photos
Premium Escort casting.webp

Would you like to apply as High Class Escort? If you think you are suited to The Escort Avantgarde, please send us your application.

Escort Avantgarde - Strand der Begierde.webp
The sin of the month May

Beach of desire
Marie had been in the Maldives for a while and enjoyed the paradisiacal surroundings, the crystal-clear water and the warm rays of sunshine on her skin. But one evening, as she was walking alone along the beach, she met an attractive stranger who immediately caught her eye with his dark eyes and charming smile immediately captivated her.

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The sin of the month April

A different kind of shooting
One of our former high-class escort ladies, who is also a successful model, let's call her Paloma, once told me in confidence about a very hot adventure. Today I will take you back to this erotic memory of hers.

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High Class Escort - Inas best friends.webp
Do you already know Ina's best friends?

Do you already know Ina's best friends?
Hollywood loves one concept in particular: a hot friendship plus.

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High Class Escort - Phantasie des Monats03.webp
The phantasy of the month March

Plumbers Edition 2.0
Who hasn't experienced it - sooner or later a hole opens up in the roof of your house and your own four walls are suddenly affected by water ingress. A quick remedy is needed in the form of a plumber. One of our high-class escort ladies has already found herself in this situation. For reasons of discretion, we will simply call her Marie

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High Class Escort - Horoskop.webp
An astrological excursion - what makes Pisces tick

Pisces - A zodiac sign of intuition, emotion and boundless depth. They navigate the waters of love with a rare mixture of longing for connection and creative imagination. But how do Pisces navigate the multifaceted landscape of the zodiac signs when it comes to erotic compatibility? Here we highlight the key relationships between Pisces and every other zodiac sign to unravel the mysteries of their cosmic attraction.

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The sin of the month February

Speechless in Seattle
Last summer, I was lying on the beach with my best friend Carola and dozing away in the heat. Suddenly Carola asked: "What was your most unusual erotic experience?" I didn't have to think for long and told her and told her - and I could tell her here too.

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The ultimate man's dream

In all my years as a high-class escort, I have of course had thousands of conversations with men, mostly about their dreams and erotic fantasies. On this - not entirely scientific, but very amusing - basis, I have put this ultimate dream of every man into words:

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High Class Escort - Suende des Monats01.webp
The sin of the month January

I had no choice - twice.
A long-standing customer once told me how he had been caught with a young female colleague when he was an assistant to the board. He is now a board member himself and the matter is long past the statute of limitations - so it's time to tell the story:

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High Class Escort - Suende des Monats12.webp
The sin of the month December

I have a very, very good friend who is almost 10 years older than me and I can tell her anything, really anything. She has experienced a lot more in life than I have and so her understanding is simply boundless. Conversely, she is rather discreet - with minor exceptions ...

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High Class Escort Italien.webp
High Class Escort Italy

What could be better than spending time with a hot-blooded, racy beauty in a country as wonderful as Italy? Have you been wanting to do this for a long time?

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High Class Escort Schweiz.webp
High Class Escort Switzerland

The Escort Avantgarde is already one of the top high-class escort agencies in Europe. The headquarters of our authentic, individual and reputable agency is the beautiful city of Zurich. This is not surprising, because Mara (the agency manager) loves Switzerland.

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High Class Escort Dubai.webp
High Class Escort Dubai

Our passionate high class escort lady Megan has recently arrived in Dubai and you are welcome to meet her there until 12/22/2023. 
Are you also in Dubai and looking for a beautiful, seductive companion? Then meet Megan for a pleasurable adventure in your hotel room.

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High Class Escort casting.webp
Interested in a Casting?

Do you think you fit in with us? Do you like the individual, intellectually inspiring level of The Escort Avantgarde? Or are you not quite sure whether escort is really the right pleasure for you and would like to find out more about this topic without obligation?

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Escort Avantgarde- High Class Escort.webp
Which criteria do I use to choose my ladies?

Some of my ladies come from my circle of acquaintances - so I've known them for a long time and very personally. For example Aria, Gisele, Theresia, Inanna or Marlene. But I get to know most of the ladies through recommendations - either from regular customers or from one of my other ladies. A few ladies contact The Escort Avantgarde directly because they have researched about us on the Internet.

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Escort Avantgarde- Mara & Susann.webp
Twice as much service for you - right now:

Susann joined „The Escort Avantgarde“ on April 1st. Susann is not any Susann -
she is THE Susann, who was a key player in setting up the famous escort agency
„Luxury Extreme Escort“ with me some years ago.

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