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Join The Escort Avantgarde

Would you like to apply at The Escort Avantgarde?

As the name suggests, you are not going to join any old high class escort agency when joining The Escort Avantgarde: We want to be the Avantgarde in this field – not just for our clients, but also for the part-time lover.

Because only when both parties feel totally at ease, everyone involved will enjoy this. And ultimately also we! We started this business out of passion and have been in it for many years, with great success, in the major cities all around the world!

We consciously chose Switzerland as our headquarters, as quality, professionality and luxury are at home here, added to by an open-minded and liberal attitude and legislation – which gives it a huge advantage over other countries.

If you consider yourself suitable to our standards of quality and in line with our unique commitment, we are looking forward to hearing from you:
Mara Monroe +41 (0)763 079 989 

Casting Ladies

You are a modern, open-minded young woman – very attractive and striking with an appealing good figure?
You have a degree or are still studying – are determined and disciplined?
You dress in an elegant way with alluring appeal – you love life and the touch of luxury, enjoy travelling and are interested in culture?
You appreciate intelligent, confident men heading for success – you love flirting and sex?
What you offer us:             

  • 18 to 33 years old.
  • intelligent with A-Levels and completed studies.
  • or with a good vocational training or college education and in your first job.
  • absolutely reliable, punctual and loyal.
  • very pretty and also erotically inclined.
  • you love luxury and big money.
  • no tattoos or piercings, preferably no operations.

What we offer you:             

  • first-class escort service (High Class).
  • very good income opportunities.
  • selected and select gentlemen, with a great personality, well-groomed and attractive .
  • absolute discretion concerning your details and photos.
  • perfect planning and arranging of dates.
  • best support concerning the date and safety.
  • complete all-round travel and check-in arrangement.
  • for newcomers: special advice and support including styling, fashion, conduct (etiquette).

Please send you application as High Class Escort to: / Mara +41 (0) 763 079 989