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Every month, I publish in my blog in this column something outrageous, something naughty and highly arousing that was whispered to me. Erotic phantasies that often exceed what you would confess to your best friend in strict confidence. Like the following immorality, for example:

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Beach of desire

Marie had been in the Maldives for a while and enjoyed the paradisiacal surroundings, the crystal-clear water and the warm rays of sunshine on her skin. But one evening, as she was walking alone along the beach, she met an attractive stranger who immediately caught her eye with his dark eyes and charming smile immediately captivated her. They struck up a conversation and it wasn't long before she felt the sexual tension between them grow stronger and stronger. He invited her to enjoy a night swim in the warm sea with him. Marie hesitated at first, but her curiosity and desire outweighed her reservations. When they were in the warm water, their bodies touched for the first time and sparks flew between them.

The waves carried their passionate kisses away as they got closer and closer to each other and finally all inhibitions completely fell away from them. In a moment of complete surrender and lust, they let themselves drift on the water and lost themselves in a sinful act of lust and passion. Their bodies merged into one, the heat between them was unbearable and they were caught in a swirl of desire and lust.

When they finally got back to the beach, they were exhausted and happy at the same time. Marie knew that she would never forget this unforgettable and hot experience and that it would forever bind her to this mysterious stranger.


PS: if you encounter an immorality, feel free to confess it in this column! It can also just be a short confession, or maybe you wish to share a sinful sight? I also publish erotic photos or drawings here. by Mara Monroe
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