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In all my years as a high-class escort, I have of course had thousands of conversations with men, mostly about their dreams and erotic fantasies. On this - not entirely scientific, but very amusing - basis, I have put this ultimate dream of every man into words:

The man is in his prime and lives near a major international city in a splendid house with corresponding garages and even more corresponding garage contents. His staff consists of five women, hand-picked by Mara, who cover the entire spectrum of desires:


For the cars, this is Gini - a precocious 19-year-old who lovingly devotes herself to car washing in hot pants and a well-filled bikini top. Very cheerful, very agile and very buxom.

In the kitchen, Svenja from Sweden swings the wooden spoon - and her hips: Svenja is naturally tall, blonde, athletic and has legs up to the steamer. A former underwear model, she likes to stand at the stove in the kitchen without underwear, wearing only an apron.

Claudine is responsible for the rooms - a young French woman in a black uniform with a white bonnet. Slim, graceful and submissive. Only suspenders are visible under her uniform. And her tight little ass.

Laura is the mistress in the garden: her tight legs are in wellies, she has only a leather gardener's apron tied around her plump hips and her large breasts are only covered by a light top. After all, she is physically active - so she is always hot and her grip is strong.

The whole estate is managed by Gala. She is a little younger than the man of the house and of course secretly in love with him. She wears a smart suit with a white blouse - but nothing underneath. And when she discusses the post with the gentleman, her blouse is so wide open that her plump breasts ensure that she is not left out of the round of 4 younger competitors. Because the gentleman is simply horny all the time and is always up for it. In the garden, in the kitchen, when dusting and in the garage.

That's the way to live, isn't it gentlemen?

With great understanding for everything, your Mara by Mara Monroe
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