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Because only with your feedback can we make your next date even better. As a high-class escort agency, it is our duty not to lose sight of the peak of what is possible and to climb higher - to where you get the luxury experience you desire.
A high-end experience looks different for everyone. Through your feedback, we get to know your individual wishes and can react accordingly.
Of course, your feedback also helps our escort ladies: In the development of your personality and in your ability to offer you the high-class escort experience that is tailored exactly to your wishes.
So - your feedback helps us all. Thank you very much! The Escort Avantgarde - something more than high class escort

High Class Escort Dubai - Emma

Escort Lady Emma

"Hello both of you,
yes, everything was fine. Emma and Rita are really two beautiful and extremely nice people to talk to :-) It was a really nice date.
I hope they both got home safely and I also hope that one of them (or both) will be visiting Germany again soon. Then you are welcome to get in touch again..."

Luxury Escort Emma from Dubai

High Class Escort Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf - Amira

Luxury Escort Amira

"Hello you all,
please pass on my honorable greetings to Amira. She sweetened my last night sufficiently thanks to her empathetic nature. There was nothing left to be desired. Your restaurant recommendation was worth its weight in gold. The food there tasted heavenly. Just like Amira for dessert ;)"

High Class Escort Amira from Frankfurt

High Class Escort Model Sabrina from Stuttgart

Escort Model Sabrina

"Another exceptional evening with Sabrina. She is such a joy. She's bright, funny, interesting beautiful, passionate. I feel so alive and happy in her company. Please give her my thanks for the gift of her time and for being exactly as she is. I look forward to our next rendezvous.   My thanks for your help with the arrangements and keeping me informed on the events."

High Class Escort Sabrina from Stuttgart

High Class Escort Zurich, Basel, Bern - Soraya

Luxury Escort Soraya

"Hello Mara and Susann,
Back home again. Soraya's recommendation turned out to be a golden tip. I enjoyed the evening very much, Soraya is an extremely lovely person. The time flew by far too quickly. There is an absolute danger of a repeat performance.
Kind regards."

Luxury Escort Soraya from Zurich

High Class Escort Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen - Nova

High Class Escort Nova

"Yes, she was great 
Exactly how she is in her pics. 
Very talkitive which is good & crazy in bed!
Maybe time was less. Will book again for sure for a few nights."

High Class Escort Nova from Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen

High Class Escort Munich, Stuttgart - Annabelle

High Class Escort Annabelle

"I quite enjoyed meeting Annabelle, Mara. She is very personable and easy to talk with; I felt completely comfortable and at ease with her as soon as we met. Indeed, we spent most of our two hours talking! In person as in her photos, she is quite beautiful. When we finally started the private time she was responsive and fully satisfying. All in all, exactly the type of companion I've come to expect from Avantgarde."

High Class Escort Annabelle from Munich

High Class Escort Prague, Berlin, Dresden - Nicole

High Class Escort Nicole

"Dear Mara,
Thank you. I thought she was really good too. We had a great time, she was always present and is a perfect companion, no matter where. She knows how to adapt and is very confident. So we were really able to communicate with each other on an equal level.
It was a very intense, long date in all respects. I wouldn't want to do it any other way. And thank you for the really great organization and support!"

High Class Escort Nicole from Prague