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Erotic Full-Service


Anais clearly knows how to stage herself. A hotel suite is enough for her as a stage - yours!

When you look at these photos, it will be easy for you to put yourself in the room: you are lying on the bed and Anais is showing you what she has with her in terms of underwear, vinyl and leather. Then the fun can begin.

Age: 34
Nationality: Swedish
Place of residence: Luzern
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Measurements: 32-24-35
BH CUP/ Nature: 75C/No
Tattoo/Piercing: No
Eye colour: Dark brown
Hair colour: Brunet
Languages: Swedish, English
Professional background: Secretary, BA
Interests: Painting, Cooking
Cuisine: Japanese, Italian
Drinks: Red wine
Smoking: No
Vaccinated: Yes

High Class Escort Zurich - Anais

My Pics

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About Anais

My perfect day is to start my day with a sunny day and I do my daily routine then having a healthy meal organize my job in order and back to my bed safely :D

Art, Antique, Classical music, cooking events, and Fashion show

I love both romantic and casual

I love Italy I like Italian guys, Food, wine, and culture.

I love all the films by Audrey Hepburn from the 50s I love classic films. I respect how the value of old time Gentleman and Lady are

Anais' Eroticism

My fantasy is Bisexual guys


Man doesn’t have to get me in mood because I always in the mood with the man😀

What turn me off when he doesn’t get hard!

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convey my honourable greetings to Anais. It has been a real pleasure to enjoy her by my side. LG

As if she were Nicole Scherzinger's sister, this is how Anais looks. A dream! Thank you for the professional and uncomplicated arrangement.


Premium Rate

in Euro
3 h 1.600
4 h (incl. dinner) 1.700
6 h (incl. dinner) 1.900
Overnight stay (up to 12 h) 2.500
Overnight stay extending to morning hours (up to 18 h) 3.000
Day and night (up to 24 h) 3.500
2 overnight stays (up tp 48 h) 5.500
Any additional overnight stay 2.000