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Erotic "High-Service"

High Class Escort Mariella based near Frankfurt

Escort Mariella from Frankfurt is a woman who knows your wishes pretty well - yes also this one...

Every man has a few desires in the bedroom he doesn't even consider to tell his best friend. Mariella likes to listen to them: she is a Lady through and through, but not 24/7...

Age: 30
Nationality: German
Place of residence: Frankfurt
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Measurements: 88-65-85
BH CUP/ Nature: 75A/Yes
Tattoo/Piercing: No
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Dark brunette
Languages: German, English, French, Italian
Professional background: TV-Producer
Interests: Riding, Tennis, Surfing, Ballet
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Drinks: Water, Wine, Champagne
Smoking: No

High Class Escort Mariella, erotic High-Service

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About High Class Escort Mariella

Days are always nice when you are well rested and feel good.... "Perfect" is always
when it is not under the pressure to be perfect... But let's dream: A
Massage, harmony fulfills a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy, if the energy is there some
Sport, an aperitif in an elegant outfit, culture and the most important : a nice dinner.

Fashion show or a political debate in the Bundestag

In fact I have a German mother, this is where my coolness comes out
And an Italian father: here comes out the romantic.
I experience both sides, in my character very intensively and I haven't learned myself yet to
to deal with it ;)

There is this one city that has touched me above all, deep in my heart: Rome.
Why? The name says it already "Roma" read it backwards ;)

Book: I am politically very neutral but Sarah Wagenknecht's biography fascinated me.
I must honestly admit that Melone is also a super intelligent woman. It is biographies that
grab me. The White Massai is also a good summer read for the beach.
TV: Since I worked as a TV producer, I don't watch movies.
Event: All the piazza festivals on open streets in Italy are the best events for me aka

Mariella's Escort & Eroticism

It depends on the synergy with the person, but I love good underwear and if the
man radiates a certain dominance

Once a synergy is there, it's just pure life energy!

When I can let myself go with him, he spoils me with beautiful things, I am very
conservative, we women have to work on ourselves so much, do you know how liberating it is
for us, when a man can offer you something for all the women's stress ?
Charm is of course not bad either ;)

being a team
good smelling and casually elegant
Holding my arms
Lifting me up and throwing me on the bed
Cramped, nervous is okay but not cramped
When someone moans so loud that the neighbor wakes up, unrestrained moaning is hot! But
it doesn't have to be a lion's cry ;)
Time pressure
Anal sex
If I feel "paid" and treated like a robot, that's not what an Escort
Lady and there are other establishments for it

Balcony (?)
No pressure

Duo Partner

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Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Baden-Baden

32Years 171cm 52kg 75B/Nature
Full Service Premium Rate

Top Feedbacks

Feedback of High Class Escort Mariella from Frankfurt

The absolute hammer, it was an incredible evening, great woman, super figure, very funny and just good! Take care of her! Best regards

i would like to give you some feedback: that was an absolutely fantastic meeting🔥 mariella is awesome. beautiful, passionate and authentic. you make people happy👏 i'm pretty knocked out now and need to eat something...😂
thanks for everything

Dear Avantgarde Team,
thank you for asking. What can I say. A pleasure-seeker like me knows to be silent and enjoy - Just so much: Little woman with a lot of passion in her blood.


Classic Rate

in Euro
3 h 1.300
4 h (incl. dinner) 1.400
6 h (incl. dinner) 1.600
Overnight stay (up to 12 h) 2.100
Overnight stay extending to morning hours (up to 18 h) 2.500
Day and night (up to 24 h) 3.000
2 overnight stays (up tp 48 h) 4.500
Any additional overnight stay 1.500

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